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Here you are!


Story Jam is a lively monthly night of stories and music from top tellers in a warm, friendly venue. We’d love to see you there.

Sometimes we put on other storytelling events too.

You can find out more by exploring our site,  so come in and have a look around. You can contact us, leave us a message and share us with your friends.

We hope you’re inspired to come along.

Get stuck in to Story Jam!

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. So let’s hear about it then! I see you’ve a night on 1st October… what’s it going to be????

    • Ah, you are both right and wrong, planthouseplant. We’re back up and running on Thursday October 3rd at 7.30pm. Have a look on our Autumn Season page to find out more – but we’re excited at the return of Andrew Barnett Jones with a big ball of string and some tough choices, and music from Apple of My Eye.
      Get Stuck In,

  2. Hi, you’ve just started following us on twitter! It would be great to play at one of your nights. We’re currently collaborating with a poet for a gig at Open Arts Cafe on 27th March, and would be keen to do something similar with a story teller, or just to provide the music on a night. Let us know, and it would be good to keep in touch! George

    • Hi George,
      We’ve got information on the website for performers, now, if you’d like to have a look – it’s aimed at storytellers, mostly, but it’ll give you more of an idea. I’m sorry that because Story Jam is on the 27th, we won’t be able to come and see you, but very best of luck, and do keep in touch – send us links to your music, if you have them, please. We’re always on the look-out for new people to play with, especially collaborative types.
      Very Best,


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