Story Jam welcomes you to wild and wonderful stand-up storytelling.

Story Jam is run by Alys Torrance and Lucy Lill.

At the heart of Story Jam is our stand-up storytelling night. We bring you the pick of today’s up and coming professional tellers with stories to tickle your ribs, raise your hair and set fire to your imagination. Expect tales as old as the hills and bang up-to-date, told every-which-way. From the Arctic to the Antipodes, epic to everyday, profound to profane, and downright silly, we’ve got it covered. Pin back your ears, raise your glass and get stuck in to Story Jam.

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We also tell stories together and individually at storytelling nights, festivals and events, and in schools. In the last 12 months, you could find us at Kew Gardens, The Latin Programme, Thomas Tallis School, The Literacy Trust, Art In Action and Greenwich and Lewisham Young People’s Theatre (to name a few).  There’s more here.

We also run one-off workshops for all sorts of people who want to tell stories. Find out more, and book a place.

And if that wasn’t enough, we are collaborating with The Crick Crack Club as Wild Company to make a storytelling night that performs alongside community choirs around the country. Intrigued? Get in touch.

Get Stuck In!

Story Jam x