Coming Up December

There Are other ways to be


“All the world is mad except me and thee and I’m none too sure about thee.”


with Chloe Bezer on horsehair scraper and Alys Torrance on gumflappers

Fri 20th Dec 7.30pm The Canvas, Hanbury St. E1 5JL £10

It’s time to celebrate Misrule, misfits, twits and holy fools. Embrace your inner idiot! Wonder when a door is not a door! Investigate why the dead chicken crossed the road! And, most importantly, unravel the riddle of who else is Else? These are stories that start with a laugh and end on the wildly Other side of life.

Join Chloe Bezer (singer songwriter, ‘cellist and catastrophiser) and Alys Torrance (storyteller, clown and panicky optimist) on a madcap music-laced misadventure, just as soon as they’ve worked out how to jump into their trousers.

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