MEDUSA PRODUCER – join Alys and Lucy as they host a workshop grappling with the snake-haired sister. One look at her face and you’ll be turned to stone. Join Story Jam for an afternoon when we meet her gaze, head on. Hopefully, we’ll live to tell the tale…

We’re at the initial stages of a new project on snake-haired Medusa and we want you to come and explore her with us for an afternoon. From the ceiling of the Painted Hall in Greenwich and Versace branding, to the doors of bread ovens and cheap shots at Hillary Clinton, she’s everywhere!

Join us for a collaborative session to stir your creativity, inspire your own projects, dream up new ideas (high time for snakes in your office, perhaps?), and to meet, talk and play.
Don’t hold back if you’ve never done anything like this before – we’re not just looking for storytellers or arts professionals! The only condition is that bring your curiosity and your willingness to face the Gorgon.
Sunday 21 Oct 2pm – 5pm
Canvas & Cream, London Rd, Forest Hill SE23 3HF
£15 (to cover costs) in advance
Numbers: 10 max
Intrigued? Want to book? Email us at
Feedback from other Story Jam workshops: “It was just right. Generous and responsive to the group.” “Well balanced and fun.” “It was really stretching.” “I went through so many turns of imagination in just 2 hours!” So much fun!!”
And we’re back at The Canvas Cafe on Fri 9 Nov for a night of Filth! Bring your bellies, we’ll bring the laughs.
Story Jam storytelling nights are aimed at anyone old enough to be out in the evening. We search out the best stand-up storytellers, and entice them along to entertain and delight you. Come and have your imaginations tickled with stories from the world’s great store of tales – old as the hills and still sparkling fresh.