We’ve been away, plotting. Rubbing our hands together, cackling triumphantly, and thumping the table. But most of all, plotting.

So: new season, new venue, new night. A night of experimentation, innovation and entertainment.

We’ve asked four performers to do something they’ve always wanted to do. We’ve asked them to be bold and break their own boundaries. We’re expecting puppets, chanting, and walruses. And then a chance to have a drink after and ask – WHAT WAS THAT?!

Join Alys and Lucy as they host a night of all new material with up-and-coming tellers Siân Kidd, Chloe Bezer, Laura Sampson and Jordan Campbell.

We’re at Canvas Cafe, just off Brick Lane, the UK’s first ‘happiness cafe’, on 14th September. And then we’re back on 9th November for a night called “Filth”. The bar’s open til midnight.

Friday 14th September

7.30pm, doors 7pm

tickets on the door, or email us at storyjamstories@gmail.com to reserve in advance

£10/£8 concessions

Story Jam storytelling nights are aimed at anyone old enough to be out in the evening. We search out the best stand-up storytellers, and entice them along to entertain and delight you. Come and have your imaginations tickled with stories from the world’s great store of tales – old as the hills and still sparkling fresh.