We are busy all summer long, running workshops and telling stories with other organisations – a cheery wave from us to The Literacy Trust, The Latin Programme (we recommend checking out their excellent Latin word of the day tweets) London Dreamtime and SBC for starters. And a massive wave to all the children we’re working with, who are living proof that the yoof of today are imaginative, curious, playful and excellent company.

There are campfires, classrooms, festivals, halls. Watch out for workshops and Conflabs, too.

We’re also off on our own adventures further into storytelling, learning new skill, diving deeper into the stories that are tapping insistently on our shoulders.

Us, inside.

We’re also busy plotting and planning fun for our much loved adult audiences. You are our first love! Autumn 2019 and 2020 are looking great. All will be revealed after we’ve finished sewing on the last buttons and checking the switches all work. Please join our mailing list – you’ll be the first to know what we’ve got for you. And it’ll make us feel proud and popular.

Just before we get back to our conniving… we are excited to announce that Bristol’s Tobacco Factory Theatres hosts Women Who Gave No F*cks (14/11/19). Tickets are already on sale, and selling fast. Bristolians, get your best riotous gladrags on! (and if anyone can donate an asterisk, we’re running dangerously low. Just get in touch at storyjamstories@gmail.com)

See you soon!

Alys & Lucy xxx

More news and details heading your way – on facebook, @storyjam, here at https://storyjamjar.com/ and on our mailing list https://storyjamjar.com/contact-us/ – drop us a line and we’ll add you.