The Women Who Gave No F*cks

Mythic mayhem, human clap-o-meters and audience power!

Rip up the rules and riot!

Two teams of stand-up tale-tellers slam down stories of the super-women and unstoppably imperfect goddesses who stalk through the world’s myths and legends.

Who will you crown Ultimate WomanWhoGaveNoF*cks?

Women Who Gave No F*cks is back on tour in 2020. Oh yeah! We’ll be in the South West and Wales in the Summer, and in the North in the Autumn. In the meantime, we recommend this:

This half term, we’re off to The Brewhouse, Taunton with WWGNF’s kid sister show. Rioters, tricksters and rampagers for anyone over 12 yrs old. THIS SHOW SOLD OUT

Thurs 20th Feb

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We’ll let you know when we have more workshops

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