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US BIRDS – Thurs 7th December

Why are stories and songs so peopled by birds?

Thursday 7th December


Canada Water Theatre, Canada Water Library

£8  in advance or on the door

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… looks at the world out of one eye and then the other. Odin’s messenger-spies, the girl with a voice but no words, an old man up a tree , a bird-god disguised as an old man… Some mate for life, some fly through and are gone. Some squawk and some sing sweetly.

Where do the feathers end and we begin?  Us Birds, eh?

Story Jam’s Lucy Lill & Alys Torrance and soulful indie pop twosome 3 Bucket Jones take you on a wild flight across the skies and into the heart of humanity.

About Us

3 Bucket Jones is a songwriting collective centred around the musical talents of Gitika Partington and Andy McCrorie-Shand.

Gitika is a singer-songwriter, producer, arranger, composer and vocalist. She also leads two community choirs and a kids’ choir, and writes and arranges music for voice and instrumental ensembles. Andy is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer and composer of music and TV. He was a founder-member of the Prog-Rock band Druid and has worked with a whole host of musicians from Steve Howe to Leo Sayer.

“…  never pauses for breath, the songs bolting together into glorious sonic depths that you’ll want to explore time and time again.”  JP, Acoustic Magazine

“ top quality songwriting.”  Tom Bolton (author of The Vanished City)

Story Jam spend their time telling stories, persuading other people to tell stories, and dreaming up new ways of telling stories. Lucy is a storyteller and actor from London. She’s toured all over the country and the West End, as well as running her own theatre company. As a storyteller, she has performed at the Wellcome Collection, Half Moon Children’s Theatre, the Fireside Festival, Newbury Corn Exchange and in schools all over London. She is the short half of Story Jam. Alys is a storyteller, comic and actor, working on stage, screen and radio. Born in Stroud, half Hungarian and brought up in the middle of nowhere, she told her first story aged 6, about an Eskimo shepherd. She reaches things off the top shelf for Story Jam.

“Simply hilarious” The Stage

“Charisma in spades” Metro

“Nuanced, subtle humour” Chortle

“Torrance is a brilliant storyteller… She so totally inhabits a yarn-spinning state that this isn’t so much a performance, I suspect, but a normal conversation for her.”

‘Try to get there’, as the Greenwich Visitor says.