The Women Who Gave no F*cks

We’re back, with tales to make you want to rip up the rule book and riot!

Domestic warrior and pirate queen go head-to-head with naughty pig-wife goddess and sword-wielding nemesis. You want these gals on your side.

Who will you vote for?

Two teams of tip-top storytellers slam down their fast and furious tales as the clock ticks down.

Aided by our human clap-o-meter, appoint the night’s ultimate Woman Who Gave None and award glittering prizes.

Gloating, crowing, facing-off, bribery of the audience and playing to the gallery are all likely.

We loved your f*ck off story...

Women around the globe are hitting the headlines and calling out abuse and inequality. We began tweeting one another the names and images of inspiring super-women who stalk through the world’s myths and legends. Excited by what we found, we dug deeper. Many were new to us – sidelined and almost forgotten… No longer!

Women Who Gave No F*cks brings these ancient, necessary tales centre stage where they belong. We think you’re going to love ’em.

WWGNF socks it to the Patriarchy with stories of women from history and legend who took no prisoners and lived life on their own terms. An antidote to pink, pastel, and barbie dolls, WWGNF inspires, educates, empowers, and above all entertains. A rousing night out!

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The Women Who Gave no F*cks

We’re back! Joining us to tear up the stage we are welcoming some of London’s finest! Amelia Armande, Rachel Rose Reid, Sarah Rundle and Sarah Liisa Wilkinson are bringing their fiercest games to the Crick Crack Club stage.


When? Wednesday 3rd May | 7.30pm

Where? Rich Mix | LONDON E1 6LA

It was such a brilliant celebration of women and women storytellers

Each story was pitch perfect

a meaty, satisfying message wrapped in an upbeat, hilarious show ... we all left buzzing

great night, fabulous performance, brilliant