Chloe and Alys are currently making a new storytelling show. Throughout the last year, they have been dreaming, exploring, researching, zooming and seeking funding, alongside dramaturg and director, Titania Krimpas. Greenwich Theatre have offered us space to play in, and we’ve been buoyed by support and enthusiasm from friends and event hosts. We can’t wait to get STOOPID together.

STOOPID sees the world differently or maybe sees it better. STOOPID isn’t normal. STOOPID talks to the wind and to cheese, gives away your money, meets up in trees. STOOPID jumps into their trousers and runs to rescue the moon. STOOPID asks Who am I, if I am not who I am? Time to go for a walk inside where it’s the wild.

Chloe Bezer sings songs that she writes and plays on her cello in the shows that she makes

Listen to some of the songs that Chloe recently recorded for her show, Women and Other Exhibits, or an episode of the podcasts of the same name made in conjunction with Greenwich Theatre during Summer 2020. Or have a sneak preview of some of the lyrics she’s working on for STOOPID.


Alys Torrance writes and performs

Watch a trailer for The Rising Cost of Cabbage or The Year of Being a Squirrel, two of Alys’ previous storytelling shows.

The Rising Cost of Cabbage – Rapunzel reworked

The Year Of Being A Squirrel – when Alys was seven, something very big happened that changed everything. Time to shape-shift.

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