We buttonhole our guest storytellers on Facebook chat and ask them about their work, their stories, and their passions.

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STEPHE HARROP talks about a caravan in the rain, sherry, and defines storytelling as a Scottish bog. Read on…


Sarah Liisa tree selfie

SARAH LIISA WILKINSON is a storyteller and writer and regular visitor to Story Jam, both on and off the stage.



Pyn Canal Journey

PYN STOCKMAN is a performance storyteller based in the West Midlands. She stoically sat through a slow internet connection to talk to Lucy about her work with Secret City Arts, mask making and the wealth of storytelling going on in her part of the world. She brings Mr Fox’s Bluebottle to Story Jam on 7th April.


Ana Lines



ANA LINES is the only Brazilian storyteller living and working in the UK. She talks about telling in English, and watching new audience members breaking into broad smiles as she brings storytelling to Staffordshire at the club she co-runs.

Ana brings stories she has gathered in the Amazon jungle to Story Jam on Thursday 3rd March 2016. The Barbecued Husband – the clue’s in the title…



John EdgarJOHN EDGAR has been telling stories since 1990. On a rainy winter evening he was straightforward about storytelling, Billy Connolly and the pull of Breton tales and WET PAINT signs. A particular journalist may have been discussed, but not by name. John returns to Story Jam on Feb 4th 2016 with tales of revenge, shipwreck and cursed mummies in There And Sometime Back Again.

StrohBeingPlayedLucy and Alys run Story Jam. In the week that the prime minister used the title of their upcoming night, If Not Now, When?, in parliament, they chat about Sef Townsend and Nell Phoenix, appearing at Story Jam on Thursday 10th December 2015. On the way, they mull over their – quite ambitious – Stir It Up season, give a sneak preview of Story Jam upcoming Trade Routes season (renamed Stories Road because of a serendipitous bit of street signage), and end with a big question that they don’t have time to

Sarah Rundle

SARAH RUNDLE’S fascination and deep research into the Civil War strikes echoes in the history being made today. The Poorest Shee  is Sarah’s whirlwind, hilarious, eyeopening introduction to the stool-throwing, midnight-galloping, inky-fingered women who stirred up the country in the pursuit of a radical vision of the future. Read on…

The Poorest Shee – Thurs 8th Oct

Nick Hennessey 2

Story Jam persuaded NICK HENNESSEY and EMILY HENNESSEY to perform together for the first time. Nick and Emily, order and chaos, walls and dogs all featured in our chat. Find out why Nick doesn’t think the story is always the most important thing, and what that has to do with spades, encounters and Story Jam. Re-Evolution  is on its way.

Re-Evolution – Thurs 12th Nov