Friday May 17th

When a poor young woman stumbles into the gilded halls of luxury she can’t believe her luck. Money, power and status: all hers for the taking… if she’ll do just one little thing. 

Lucy Lill’s wonder tale will take you on a journey from poverty to power, via the hot sweat of the underworld as she asks: what would you do for everything you’ve ever wanted?

Lucy’s told stories at The Wellcome Collection, Kew Gardens, Half Moon Young People’s Theatre, Newbury Corn Exchange, Fireside Festival, Art in Action Festival, with the Embers Collective and others, as well as schools across London for The Literacy Trust and The Latin Programme. 

She is the short half of Story Jam.

Plus, the very excellent DAWN ELLIS is joining Lucy on stage as she premiers her new story


‘What happens when sibling rivalry turns violent? There’s Jealousy, Shape-shifting and a Mystery Maiden in this life and death tale from the Caucasus. It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s deadly enchantment as band of 100 brothers turn on the heroic youngest and a sorceress-for-hire agrees to kill him.’

Version 3Dawn has become a bit obsessed with the Nart Sagas from the Caucasus and is currently working her way through them. She told the first two at the Oxford Storytelling Festival last year; this is the third in the series and will be its first airing in public. Dawn tells stories at Pentameter Theatre Hampstead, Chapel Theatre Kings Cross, Bread and Roses Clapham and has an annual gig on a Greek island where she tells stories under the stars. She brings storytelling to organisations, communities and celebrations all over the place and works with a handful of schools in SW London.

Friday 17th May

The Canvas, Brick Lane 


£10 on the door or from eventbrite