get stuck into South London's most delicious storytelling night


This year, Story Jam is going to take storytelling to young people. The Galloping Horse Tour performances and workshops take you to the heart of the adventure of travelling from childhood to adulthood.

Want to know why we’re calling it The Galloping Horse Tour? Click on the picture below.

You only had to ask

You only had to ask

Alongside gripping stories performed by professional storytellers, there will be workshops giving everyone the tools to try their own storytelling. They’ll be honing their communication skills and confidence and discovering their unique voices. At the centre of the experience we’ll be encouraging the two best guides through life: empathy and imagination.

We have two aims:
To provide rich entertaining opportunities to explore the challenges of relationships and sexual needs and desire, in a way that is appropriate and accessible. There will be space to discuss (and take issue with) the choices the characters make in the stories, and to think about the choices you could make in similar situations.

We are also committed to introducing a new generation to oral storytelling, both as audience and – who knows? – as tellers.

Storytelling is an art form that thrives in all sorts of communities. We’re starting this project working with and in schools. In the future, we will be eyeing up other venues. Watch this space!