Think you know your glass slippers from your seven league boots?

Mythic Maths, Heroic Sport and Divine Leisure, Geography and Travel (may include portals into other dimensions) and moreWe’ll be brain-teasing, imagination-tickling and asking you to choose between a) silver b) gold and c) lead.

Welcome to our online Story Jam Quiz

Lucy Lill and Alys Torrance are your quiz sphinxes posing questions on their favourite subjects.



and a half-time question upon which EVERYTHING* HINGES

*Or nothing – it’s a pub quiz, not a fairytale!

Thurs 4 March


£5 per screen. (Option to pay more. Early birds pay £4 before 18 Feb)

Come as a team with your household, or with friends online – we’ll suggest ways to communicate with them. We can put you in a team if you’d like to make new friends. Or you are welcome as a magnificent one-person team. Maximum number per team 5 people. Age range: If you’re old enough to be up, you are welcome to play.

Profits go to the Trussell Trust, working to make poverty a thing of the past.

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The Story Jam Quiz aims for fun, togetherness and brain tickling.  

  • You’ll be marking yourselves. We trust you much further than we could throw you.
  • Before the event we’ll email over the link. At the same time, we’ll ask if you are solo or a team. RSVP!
  • If you’re a heroic solo act… Story Jam salutes you! We look forward to seeing you.
  • If you are getting a teaming together… Good for you. Two heads are better than one. And three heads are monstrous but effective, as anyone who has ever tried to get past Cerberus and into the Underworld can confirm. On the night we suggest your team stay in touch with each other like this:

If you can muster two devices e.g. a smartphone or a tablet and a laptop:

  • Set up a team zoom in advance. Join your team zoom on the night. Join the Story Jam Quiz zoom, one of you keep the volume up on us. The rest should mute us (or stick earphones into the relevant socket if you have trouble doing that, to silence any feedback). You should all be able to hear us through that one person’s computer. Keep yourselves muted on the Story Jam Quiz zoom! Now you should be able to chat and have fun as a team, while listening to us.
  • You can also chat to one another using the chat function on the Story Jam Quiz zoom. Just don’t type your answers to Everyone!
  • There are lots of other electronic ways of staying in touch. If you need help, just ask.
  • Go to @StoryJam #quiz if you’d like to join the chat. Or email us at
  • Invite your friends along for Story Jam fun that’s raising money for The Trussell Trust – life savers for many right now.
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