Watch out! We’re coming to get you!

Coming back to Canada Water on 30th April after our most popular night ever: it’s time to take WWGNFs out and about…

Throughout 2018 women around the globe hit the headlines standing up to the abuse of power, and called out inequality.  We began tweeting one another the names and images of inspiring super-women who stalk through the world’s myths and legends. Excited by what we found, we dug deeper. Many were new to us – sidelined and almost forgotten… No longer! WWGNF brings these ancient, necessary tales back into the spotlight where they belong.

From Hungarian domestic warrior and Irish pirate queen, to naughty Greek pig-wife belly goddess, Japanese Sun deity, and Sumerian sword-wielding nemesis, we present myths and legends of females outgunning adversity. Wielding wit, brains, cunning, courage, righteous rage and the occasional superpower, these imperfect women embody what can be achieved when we give no fucks. Cabaret meets slam as traditional stories go head to head. A gang of professional storytellers bring out their fast, ferocious and sometimes furious stories in a celebratory and inspiring night for men just as much as women.

The format of the night is a myth-off, created by Clare Murphy and enjoyed across the UK, Europe and the USA. It blends performance storytelling, stand-up and cabaret: compered by a comedienne MC, 3 bouts are fought – two storytellers per round. Each tale must be told in less than 15 minutes. Any storyteller taking more than their allotted 15 mins is honked off the stage – with an audience member in charge of the clock and the honker. Each round is themed, and the audience vote (with the help of a human clap-o-meter) on the winning mythical woman. Prizes (volunteered by the audience – e.g. bus ticket, beer bottle, comb) are awarded. There is a grand overall winner. Gloating, crowing, facing-off, bribery of audience and playing to the gallery are encouraged.

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