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We run Toe Dippers sessions for everyone, Conflabs for working storytellers, and all sorts of fun stuff when we have one of our genius ideas. Here’s what’s on now…

Toe Dippers Summer 2022

Your weekend treats! No previous experience of storytelling or any other kind of performance needed – everyone is warmly welcome. We keep numbers small so that everyone gets to participate. Expect playful exercises, fun tasks, and stories unfolding in front of your eyes. Lucy and Alys invite you to bring your imagination and be yourself. Come and play with us for 90 minutes* and leave feeling full of vim and vigour!

*online sessions

Flesh And Bones – online workshop

Sat 4 June 10.30am – 12pm


In this 90 minute session we’ll explore how to take a story to pieces to find out how it works. Get rid of the flim-flam and see what’s essential. Then add the stuff that makes it yours, and yours alone!

This Toe Dippers will provide you with some basic but essential storytelling kit. As ever, no experience necessary and everyone is welcome. Come and play!

Picture This – online workshop 

Sat 25 June 10.30am – 12pm


In this session about images, explore how you don’t need to remember what you’re going to say, to tell a story.

Summon up the essential, compelling images that make up tales that you can tell over and over again without ever knowing exactly how it’s going to come out of your mouth. Seeing is believing, after all.

We are here for anyone who is curious about telling stories, whether or not you’ve every told one before. Expect a warm welcome, lots of fun exercises and games, and encouragement to experiment. This is not a test – it’s taking your imagination for a spin.

What did the Boy Who Cried Wolf say to Little Red Riding Hood?

Sat 2 July 10.30am – 12pm


In this 90 minute Saturday morning session we will explore how stories talk to each other. Together we’ll find the echoes and resonances of other wolves, other forests and other thunderbolt-wielding gods. Discover how the stories you don’t tell shape the ones you do.

Warning: This workshop may turn you into a story gathering addict…

Mob Tell – 3hrs in-person workshop

10th September

Tbc London

On sale soon – gives us a wave if you’re interested


For this one-off, we invite you to find how a well-worn familiar story can jump to life, fresh, vibrant and spontaneous. This is the livest of live storytelling. Come and join us to tell a story mob-handed!

This session takes place in a real life room. We limit numbers, and ensure plenty of ventilation and space.

Questions? Get in touch!

About Our Workshops

People often tell us they’re itching to tell stories but they don’t know where to start. Start with us!

Toe Dippers sessions are aimed at everyone who fancies a go – no experience necessary, all experience welcome! Each session gives you the chance to play with this oldest and most fundamental human art – bring yourself, make connections (creative and human) and be surprised by what you take away after 90 minutes of exercising your imagination! 

We explore the world’s traditional tales, with toe dippees who come from all walks of life and use the sessions to stretch their creativity to whatever end they please. 

Dip your toes into the wonderful world of storytelling

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