Story Jam runs workshops for people who want to tell stories. Would you like to come?

People often tell us they’re itching to tell stories but they don’t know where to start. Start with us! As well as telling stories, running Story Jam and working on other performance projects, Lucy Lill is a seasoned teacher and Alys Torrance has been running performance workshops for 20 years, so you are in safe hands.


In a playful three hour workshop session, we will explore three fundamental techniques for breathing life into a story. You will be playing with a short folktale, seeing it taking shape and captivating your listeners. All you need to bring is your imagination.

Come and dip a toe – or maybe a whole foot – into the compelling world of telling stories. Maybe stick around for a post-workshop drink and a chat in the bar.

This is for anyone who is interested in explorating the craft of oral storytelling. We aim to challenge and refresh you, and leave you with a smile on your face and your imagination fizzing.

And very importantly…

We always book somewhere with a bar attached, for cake and coffee and apres-workshop sipping. Because Saturday afternoons have a way of turning into Saturday evenings…

We keep the numbers small so that everyone gets plenty of time and attention so book up quickly and don’t miss out!

Book for our 14/9/19 Toe Dippers workshop

And here’s  feedback from previous Toe Dippers

Or why not book a workshop for your school, your organisation, or for you and your friends?


‘Paper theatre’ is a form of Japanese street storytelling. The stories are told with the help of pictures. We’ll tell you a story to get things started. Then let your imagination get to work as you draw your own illustrations for it, and tell the story back the way you see it. You get to listen to a story, draw and perform (with the help of your pictures). Perfect!

(Sessions can be adapted for any age group.)

Bring It On!

For teenagers we offer a session of open mic slots, but mixed up with the chance to skill-up and tweak your telling . If you’ve got the guts, we want to hear you. We’ll compere the session like we compere Story Jam every month, so expect laughs and a warm welcome onto our stage. Bring a story to work on.

(If you are no longer a teenager, you might keep an eye out for Fresh Blood & Guts nights, which we run with other London storytelling organisations. It’s a platform for new tellers to show the world what you’ve got.)

Beehive Storytelling Sessions

Pluck a story out of the air. Games to get your imagination and impro mojo flowing will lead into a group storytelling. Find your hive-mind as the story starts connecting and we tell one another a tale that we didn’t even know before we started telling it. Who knows what it will be about? All we know is you’ll leave buzzing with energy. Suitable for adults, families, anyone.

(This is the one session in which we don’t work with traditional stories.)

Oh, and…!

It’s always worth telling us you’re interested even if you can’t make the dates we list – you might be the tipping point that makes us schedule the next one!





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