Myth-Off: Women Who Gave No F**ks

Glittering prizes… A human clap-o-meter… Mythic mayhem… Here comes the mighty myth-off!

Our most popular night ever is heading out across the land.

Two teams of stand-up tale-tellers slam down the stories. You vote and award the prizes. So…who you gonna make top girl?

Clare Muireann Murphy, Lucy Lill and Alys Torrance are joined by their fiercest fellow storytellers to champion their favourite goddesses, cultural heroines and all-round Top Grrrrls. MC and comdienne Judith Faultless attempts to keep order.

A night of no- holds-barred tales to make you want to rip up the rules and riot. Which legendary kickass woman will YOU crown Supreme Giver of Absolutely No F*cks?

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Story Jam storytelling nights are aimed at anyone old enough to be out in the evening. We search out the best stand-up storytellers, and entice them along to entertain and delight you. Come and have your imaginations tickled with stories from the world’s great store of tales – old as the hills and still sparkling fresh.

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